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Health Care Services - Overview

The Fauji Foundation medical system began with the establishment of a 50 bed TB hospital in 1959 at Rawalpindi. Today, the Fauji Foundation medical system is the largest medical chain outside the Government sector, spread all over Pakistan.


Hospitals Other Health Care Centres Artificial Limb Centre Nursing School Total
Cat A Cat B Cat C Cat D Medical Centre Disps Mobile Disps
1 3 2 5 25 31 47* 1 1 116


*47 x vehicles have been provided to 42 x Med Projs which operate these Mob Disps for 522 stations. It has 116 medical facilities, with over 661 Doctors/Adm Officers 1,958 Para-Medical and 1,743 Adm Staff. The Foundation Health Care System comprises the following: -


  • On health care alone, Fauji Foundation spends over 58% of the welfare budget.
  • A large majority of our Beneficiaries live in the rural areas of Pakistan. Other than metropolitan hospitals, these areas are also covered by operating Medical Centres, Static Dispensaries and Mobile Dispensaries.
  • Mobile Dispensaries operate around selected Fauji Foundation medical projects; within a round-trip distance of 175 km in the plains, and within a round-trip distance of 120-150 km in the mountains. Since inception, over 23.53 million patients have been provided treatment through these health care units.
  • Free specialized treatment is extended to patients, outsourced, where necessary.
  • Since the commencement of health care operations 1.26 million indoor and 56.70 million outdoor patients have been treated. Overall 81.50 million patients have been treated and Rs. 31.924 billion have been spent on health care programmes.
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