Criteria For Beneficiaries

Fauji Foundation Beneficiaries

are defined in the Rules of Business (1972), changes to which can only be made by the express approval of The Committee of Administration. In brief, the definition covers the following:

  • Ex-servicemen gratuity paid (self)

  • Wives, sons (up to the age of 18 years) and unmarried daughters of ex-servicemen (pensioners / gratuity paid).

  • Daughters of ex-servicemen (JCOs and Soldiers) who are dependent on their parents being widows or divorced. However, on re-marriage, such daughters cease to be beneficiaries.

  • Sons of ex-servicemen already undergoing treatment for a particular ailment continue getting treatment for that particular ailment if treatment is required beyond 18 years but up to the age limit of 19 years.

  • Invalid sons of ex-servicemen irrespective of age (even beyond 18 years of age) are entitled free medical treatment if suffering from congenital mental sub normality and if report for treatment uptil age of 30 years in case of acquired mental sub normality.

  • Parents of Shaheeds (Definition of Shaheeds)

    1. All deaths in the operations area.

    2. All training related deaths.

    3. All deaths during performance of Internal Security duties, classified operations and anti terrorist operations

    4. All security related deaths.

    5. All deaths during UN Mission/assignment.

  • Those who have served in or retired from Mujahid Force ex 10 Corps since the 1st Oct 2002, including “Shaheeds or Disabled in military action prior to the 1st Oct 2002, and personnel of all other Mujahid Battalions to be activated elsewhere in Pakistan provided that they take part in action during war”.

  • Procedure for registration is mentioned in frequently asked questions at the end of this brief.