Corporate Profile


"To provide and generate funds for welfare measures and benefits of ex-servicemen and their families".


"As a role model welfare-cum-industrial organisation, maintain sustained operational excellence in health care, education and industry".


Invest in ventures ensuring earning growth compatible to the demands of welfare.

  • Provide and facilitate quality education to the Beneficiaries, including technical and vocational training.

  • Provide and arrange health care to the Beneficiaries, including artificial limbs.

  • Improve financial strength and profitability through strong investments.

  • Set benchmarks comparable to international standards.

  • Achieve operational excellence in all its ventures.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity through good management practices.

  • Be an environmentally conscious organisation.

Values and Business Principles
  • Maintain high standards of ethical and professional conduct in all its operations.

  • Maintain absolute transparency and accountability in all inter and intra-company transactions as required by corporate laws and norms.

  • Consistently seek and follow the best business practices

  • Zealously uphold and maintain its distinctive place as a byword in dependability and reliability in the corporate and business world.

  • Not to seek commercial and industrial expansion as an end in itself, but do so to meet the expanding welfare needs of its Beneficiaries, i.e. "Earn to Serve".

  • Engage in business in those sectors of the economy that are well regulated.

  • Uphold honesty, integrity and loyalty as operative business principles.