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Introduction to Departments


Administration Section

Administration Section aka Adm Sec is the backbone of Health Div, the scope of work it does is mostly relevant with day to day operations including HR and policy aspects, discipline, marketing and performance evaluation.

Administration Section function is to plan, organize, control and monitor all Administrative aspects such as policy making, upgradations/ down gradation/ opening/ closure, shifting/ relocation/ transfer of HR moreover most important aspect i.e. performance monitoring on the basis of data received form projects. The data comes in huge amounts from medical projects all over Pakistan that’s why it is maintained through specialized Data Controlling official.

Medical Section

Medical Section aims to provide and improve clinical care of patients in all FF Health care facilities through effective planning and management moreover by proficient utilization of these facilities. Medical section formulates and update treatment policies as well as issue of Medical related SOPs. Data pertaining to medical performance is evaluated, analyzed and reviewed for possible alterations. Medical Section also define and document system of treatment for patients (indoor, Outdoor, Mobile), furthermore, performance of Specialists and doctors is also reviewed. Analysis of monthly turn out of patients at FF Health care facilities and carving out ways to enhance their performance is also a major obligation.

An important part of Medical Section is vetting, processing annual demands of medicines and make case for approval through CBOD (Committee of Board of Directors). In addition to demands, pharmacists keep the FF Drug Formulary updated, keep stock levels in check and prepare summary of demand and supply.

Medical Equipment & Store Section

Medical Equipment and Store Section (ME & S) is responsible for provision of Eqpt/ Stores to all Medical Projects as well as handling of Civil works and maintenance of Buildings/ structures for efficient functioning of Projects and patient health care

Finance Section

Main function of Finance section is to guide and assist all FF health care projects in financial matters such as allocation of funds, billing, control on accounts, payments, prevention of frauds and mishandling of funds. Moreover, it is also responsible for analytical aspect of finance such as reviews, analysis and course adjustment

Engineering Section

Engineering Section provides help in smooth functioning of FF Healthcare system in terms of providing suitable engineering solutions according to requirements while remaining within the budget

IT Support

IT support helps service delivery of FF health care projects more efficient and conducive for automation, Medix is Fauji Foundations indigenous Hospital Management Software (HMIS) which provides our setups a cloud computing approach hence making every step form initial assessment of patients to diagnostics and discharge to payment, convenient as well as transparent. A system requirement analyst gather requirement from all sections and devise a solution as per their requirements.