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Health Overview






Fauji Foundation is a welfare organization, fundamentally designed for providing welfare services to Ex- servicemen and their families in the domains of Education, Stipend and Healthcare. It works on a collaboration welfare model i.e. by pooling funds from a few fully owned and some associated group of companies into welfare activities. Foundation was formed to elevate standard of living and to create self-sustainability of ex-servicemen and their dependents. Today, the Foundation works as welfare-cum- industrial organization holding companies of diverse scope across the country. Since inception, it has made vital contributions not only to the prosperity of its beneficiaries but also to the progress of national economy. With its well-managed and profitable business concerns, the Group is an entirely self- supported entity operating in the private sector. The expenditures incurred on its diverse welfare activities are met through revenue generated from the Foundation's own industrial and commercial projects. No benefit or funding is accepted from the federal and provincial governments.

Fauji foundation is proud that from Rs 18.2 million in 1953, it today runs more than 18 industries, the income from which is utilized to serve about 9 million beneficiaries (5 % of country’s population). Generally, more than 60 percent of the income goes towards the welfare activities every year.


History of Fauji Foundation Healthcare System

The history of Fauji Foundation dates back to 1945, when a Post War Services Reconstruction Fund (PWSRF) was established for Indian War Veterans who served the British Crown during WW-II. At the time of partition (1947) when Pakistan came into being, the balance fund was transferred to Pakistan in the proportion of its post WW-II veterans. Till 1953, the fund remained in the custody of the civilian Government, when in 1954 it was transferred to the Army.

The Army instead of disbursing the balance fund of about Rs 18.2 millions (USD 0.2 million) among the beneficiaries, invested it in establishing a Textile Mill. Later from the income of the textile mill, it established first 50 bedded TB hospital at Rawalpindi. Today, the Fauji Foundation Health Care System is the largest medical chain outside the Government sector, spread all over Pakistan. In order to provide best medical treatment and care to the beneficiaries all the FF Medical Projects are equipped with most sophisticated and modern equipment to achieve best diagnostic facilities. In this regard continuous evaluation, upgradation and induction of new equipment is done on regular basis.