Welfare Overview


The main purpose for the establishment of Fauji Foundation

is to look after the welfare of its Beneficiaries, (families of ex-servicemen) as defined in the Constitution / Scheme of Administration.The welfare activities at Fauji Foundation can be classified into four broad categories i.e. Healthcare Education Training and Employment It is extended through:-


Healthcare facilities.

Free medical treatment and hospitalization through 131 Healthcare facilities.



Subsidized Education upto higher secondary level through 104 educational institutions.



Educational stipends, scholarships and awards.


Vocational Training.

Free vocational training (along with stipend) for wives and daughters through 66 Vocational Training Centres.


Technical Training

Free technical training (along with stipend) for ex – servicemen and their sons through 10 Technical Training Centres.



Wherever possible, provide opportunities for employment of ex-servicemen compatible with their skills and the job requirement of the Foundation.

In addition to above
Fauji Foundation

also assists the Services Headquarters and other defence related entities in looking after the welfare of ex-servicemen in other areas. Whereas, all above services are primarily for the Beneficiaries, Fauji Foundation also extends normal healthcare, education and training services to the general public. Where required, employment opportunities are also offered to the local population.